Cassette Culture #2 – Model 152 Blow Gun

SCW’s second release on cassette came out in mid-1985 and was a mixture of new material and live recordings from the Sweet Children of the West show in April that year. The new material continued in the same techno-industrial post-punk style of the first cassette, with added horns in some tunes. This release marked the end of SCW’s use of analogue synths, and drum machines – all future work was done using either ‘real’ instruments played live or digital samplers, drum machines and effects.

“Model 152 Blow Gun” cassette tape cover – folded out – by PnrH

In the First Days…

Bass, tapes and drum machine…

6th Test Amendment

Same as above but with added synths

Drop Kick

SCW gets jazzy.  Horns would become a bigger part of SCW’s sound in subsequent incarnations, first as a free jazz ensemble and then as a disco-funk band.

Puppy (on the table)

 Sit see the puppy on the table…

Thank You Jesus

Sequenced drum machine and synths plus tapes

In The Reichstag

Hitler invades Poland – ’nuff said…

SCW also produced a video to accompany one of the new tunes, Capacity 330. Most of the video footage was recorded at SCW’s Willow St. practice/living space

The second side of the Model 152 Blow Gun cassette is a live recording from April 17, 1985. See the previous post for some video footage of the show.

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