dWM has departed this planet…

Masters of Love and Sound 2016

We are devastated to announce that dWM (d Wayne Morris) has passed from this world to a new dimension of consciousness. Our condolences go out to his family, particularly his wonderful children, Avery and Baxter.

dWM approached everything with an intensity and creative vision that was truly unique. He was always interested in looking beyond the consensus or accepted ‘truths’ to discover the real dope on things, including politics, health and much more. It can’t be denied that this took him to some weird – although always interesting – places, but it was always with the utmost sincerity and sense of social justice. Most importantly to us, he never stopped playing music – being not only a core member of SCW but also of many other bands over the years, including Tanz Pest, Orchestra Paavola, Dub Enforcement Agency and Masters of Love and Sound. He could play any musical instrument and was always looking for something new to try – musically and otherwise…

Another key interest was community radio, which he loved as a democratic means for people to hear one another and be heard, regardless of their socioeconomic status or geographic location. He also used radio as a vehicle for art – we encourage you to check out his ground-breaking experiential radio projects.

He was an incredibly generous individual, always inviting people over for dinner, handing out homemade chocolates and hot sauces, and hosting many band rehearsals and recording sessions.

We’ll miss you brotherman…

Here’s a gallery of some rarely-seen dWM photos!

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